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purseOne in four American women will experience domestic violence in her life.

Maybe you find that stunning, or maybe you already knew. One way or the other, it's something we don't talk about frequently or honestly enough. So let me say it again: one in four American women will experience domestic violence in her life.

That means around 40 million American women alive today will one day experience domestic violence. It's more than 1.5 million women living in Illinois, and almost two-thirds of a million women in Cook County. It's a lot of people, and (unfortunately counter to a lot of portrayals of abuse we see in the media) they exist in every neighborhood, age group, ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic class.

These numbers approach epidemic proportions, and that's something people recognize. Two-thirds of Americans believe that domestic violence is a serious problem. Unfortunately, only around one-third have ever talked about it.

To address the prevalence of domestic violence, we need good public policy that protects victims. We certainly need to support service providers that provide safety and legal protections to survivors and their children. But we also need to increase awareness with a robust, honest, difficult public dialogue about the topic.

This brings me to the Purple Purse Challenge, a partnership between many non-profit service providers and the Allstate Foundation. The idea is for people to post photos of themselves with a purple purse online, with the goal of sparking discussion about domestic violence and raising funds for service providers.

The YWCA Evanston/North Shore is the only comprehensive residential domestic violence service provider in the northeastern Chicago metropolitan area. They do extraordinary work, and I was honored that they asked me to participate in the Purple Purse Challenge to benefit that work. Let's do whatever we can to make our community safe for every woman -- three out of four isn't just acceptable.

Domestic violence

Please join me at the next forum we're hosting in our Critical Issues Series. This month's topic is School Funding in Illinois: Opportunities, challenges and striking a balance. I'm excited to be joined by two fantastic panelists: Paul Goren, the recently appointed superintendent of Evanston/Skokie School District 65, and my colleague Andy Manar, the lead sponsor of Senate Bill 16.

As you may know, SB16 proposes to revamp our state's education funding formula, which is undeniably broken. This is an extremely important topic, and a difficult one. It's clear that schools are sorely underfunded in much of Illinois, leading to a real and searing injustice. The state is still experiencing significant fiscal challenges, and successful reform must be sensitive to the challenges facing all school districts, including those that are not currently underfunded.

This complexity necessitates a very thorough and nuanced discussion, so I hope you'll be able to join me next Tuesday evening. Event details are below; you can see the rest of our Critical Issues Series schedule here.

  • What: School Funding in Illinois: Opportunities, challenges and striking a balance
  • Date: Tuesday, September 16th
  • Time: 7 p.m.
  • Location: JEH Center, 1500 McDaniel Ave., Evanston, 60201
  • Panelists: District 65 Superintendent Paul Goren, Illinois State Senator Andy Manar

Please call our office with any questions at 847-568-1250, and we hope to see you on September 16th!

Biss100 SPRINGFIELD — Legislation State Senator Daniel Biss (D-Evanston) sponsored to crack down on "patent trolls" became law this week.

"Illinois businesses — particularly small businesses that aren't in a position to hire pricey legal representation and embark on lengthy court battles against harassing fraudsters — deserve the full protection of the law," Biss said. "The new penalties will put patent trolls on notice that Illinois isn't a fertile location for their scams."

The new law targets the practice of extorting money from businesses by threatening to sue them for fictitious violations of patents that may have expired or may not be owned by the "trolls" at all. Patent trolling is lucrative because many businesses, especially smaller companies that can't afford to hire legal representation, opt to pay the scammers rather than spending time and money fighting them in court.

Biss' measure prohibits misrepresenting one's self as the owner of a patent, seeking compensation on the basis of activities undertaken after a patent has expired, falsely claiming to have filed a patent lawsuit or using any written form of communication, including email, to falsely accuse a person or company of a patent violation with the intent of forcing a settlement. If found to be in violation of the law, patent trolls will be subject to civil penalties and/or forced to pay restitution.

Thank you to everyone who came out to join our conversation, "Rethinking Privacy in a Digital Age." I want to especially thank our panelists for providing great presentations and giving us the context and background to better understand these issues. The discussion was very thoughtful, and I personally learned a lot. But I also feel confident we can't think of this forum as a one-time event. As these technologies continue to advance and as we have more and more tools at our disposal, we'll need to continue to grapple with finding that balance -- using those tools to make our lives better, easier or safer while protecting our desire for and our right to privacy. I'm eager to continue that conversation with you.

To see Rajiv Shah's presentation from last night, you can pdfclick here.

Thank you again to everyone who came out last night and I hope to see you at our next Critical Issues Series forum! We'll be talking about education funding in Illinois, and I'll be joined by District 65 Superintendent Paul Goren and Illinois State Senator Andy Manar. Details of that and future events can be found here.

As always, please call my office with any questions or concerns! We can be reached at 847-568-1250.

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