serious floor 7 1SPRINGFIELD — Sen. Daniel Biss (D–Evanston) released a statement today in response to starting the new fiscal year without a state budget:

"Today we put an unnecessary and completely avoidable burden on our state workers, community service providers, and the most vulnerable Illinoisans -- indeed, on the whole state. When people lose their jobs, we can count on less state revenue to fund critical services, while more Illinoisans will need state services.

"As people are deprived of social services, we can expect to provide higher cost care such as emergency room visits and nursing home admittance, putting even greater pressure on our already diminishing revenues in addition to the real danger many will face without a safety net.

"This is not hypothetical. People lost their jobs today. People have already been told they can no longer get the services they depend on to make it from one day to the next. Without swift and meaningful action, we have failed our citizens, putting Illinois into a state of crisis.

"We need real leadership now more than ever. We need a leader who is interested in protecting the state and its citizens, not using the most vulnerable as human shields or a state of crisis as a bargaining chip. We needed leadership months ago. But today the state pays the price. I stand ready to work with anyone to resolve this responsibly and swiftly."

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